I Used To Masturbate, Date Married Men, Smoke Consistently – Popular Actress, Nichole Banna


Popular Nollywood actress, Nichole Banna, has made some shocking revelations about herself.

The Owerri-born actress took to her Instagram page on Sunday to share how God delivered her from consistent masturbation, smoking, among other social vices.

The computer science graduate also revealed how she dated married men.

“Am sharing this testimony because I want to honor the one behind the transformation in my life. I have always been a God-fearing girl, my relationship with the Holy Spirit is one that gets stronger by the day,” she wrote.

“Am grateful for being connected to a great man of God David Ibiyeomie whom through his teachings and books have brought me closer to God. There’s a difference between having a relationship with the Holy Spirit and being religious.

“Am glad I can boldly say I belong to Jesus Christ because I really fear and try my best to obey all I see in His word with the Help of my Sweet Holy Spirit. Before now I was just that young girl that wanted everything some girls thought are the priorities in life.

“So back then I dated married men whom will end up loving me so much and doing all I asked, thereby spending less time with their wives. Back then it felt good to be loved and taken care by someone’s husband and it seemed normal.

“But as God may have it I became born again. Attended WOLBI (WORD OF LIFE BIBLE SCHOOL) in Salvation Ministries.

“I encountered light and stopped everything that has to do with married men and all they had to offer despite the pressure. I became content with what I have and trust me God didn’t lie when He said that He will provide everything I needed if I seek Him first.

“Letting go of that completely doesn’t make me a perfect girl because no one is perfect but it felt good to go into a covenant with God, and watch Him fulfil His own part.

“The transformation didn’t end there cause I still had other things I was doing that doesnt glorify God.I use to smoke and masturbate alot and that made me have less friends and because I didn’t want the dirty habits known publicly.

“Though After WOLBI I stopped smoking and masturbating for a while, after some time, I backslided and became worst with the habits. I smoke all the time coupled with the challenges I was going through then.

“In the midst of this I still loved God, kept praying and asking for mercy especially after each action. Am grateful to God because I know He has healed me completely and this is the proof that am free from that demonic influence because it was a big battle for me to testify openly,” she said.



Scientists Crone This Dragonfly Into A Remote-Controlled Cyborg Drone


Remember that old engineering project that turned cockroaches into cyborgs that you can control using electrical impulses? Yeah, that was awesome. And kind of gross. In a new project called Dragonfleye, researchers are doing the same thing to dragonflies, turning the fast-flying insect into a cyborg drone you can pilot remotely.

Similar to the cockroach project, the dragonflies are fitted with a tiny backpack of electronic components that allow the researchers to communicate with the insects. In this case, however, the dragonflies have had their neurons genetically modified so that they are more sensitive to light, allowing the insects to be controlled using measured light pulses.

Dragonfleye is a collaboration between the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, with the former in charge of developing the backpack and the latter performing the genetic modifications and the succeeding experiments. Unlike the cockroach backpack from before which were non-invasive, these ones actually wrap optical fibers around the dragonfly’s nerve cords, allowing them to selectively target those neurons related to flight.

According to the researchers, using dragonflies in place of traditional drones can be advantageous, since they’re smaller, lighter, and way stealthier than anything else that’s manmade. We’re not entirely sure about the planned applications for these things, but we’ll hazard a guess it’s along the lines of whatever James Bond, GI Joe, and S.H.I.E.L.D. does when they’re on the clock.